martedì 1 ottobre 2013

The goblin's bar

Last drawing ever done in Italy. Sooooo many hours spent on this one, but i really enjoyed taking care of all the little things. 
Should take more care of the perspective and of the light sources, but i loved trying to tell a story through a simple image.

Making of

                                  The making of "the awakening of Mother Nature"

The awakening of Mother Nature

Oh boy i do love drawing animals...
bearzerkers, chimeras, uniporks, turtleroses...

                                  Drawing done for the final exam of the course Imasterart

The showdown

the final battle...
save the girl?
flee the battle?
face your fears?
too many pointless questions?
you pick

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman!

Here i am
A "serious" blog
A place just for me
A place where i can post my drawings, my thoughts, my plans and ideas.
And i welcome you, reader.
Hope you'll enjoy my works, some of them might look silly, but i swear on my soul that i put all my passion and dedication into every single one of them.
I wish one day i'll be able to really express what is in my mind, with no more technical limitations.
That day I'll be the happiest person on earth...and you will be surprised.
So then, less talking and more action, shall we?

Quick sketch of me. I actually have a nose.