lunedì 6 luglio 2015


I came up with a small fairytale while thinking about Carl Seagan talking about how we are all made of star stuff, I called it the Stargazer

At the origin of time there was a giant, called Stargazer: he was humongous and gentle, but he was lonely. One day while staring at the void of the universe he wondered if there was somebody over there, on those shiny dots who felt lonely as well. The Stargazer then stood up and started whirling his hand and all the stars around him gathered together. The cluster was almost as big as him but it was cold and lifeless: the Stargazer wondered what went missing, why he was still feeling lonely. He then grabbed the cluster close to his chest and he hugged it so hard that the two became one.
In the cluster of stars there was now movement, heat and life: Stargazer was no longer lonely, he was happy, able to witness all those beings loving an living their lives.

From that day onwards. whenever you feel lonely, look up in the sky: Stargazers are never lonely

I wrote this while i was very tired lol

Fairy yourself

Pixies are spirits of the nature who protect forests and like to pull pranks on everybody
Fairies do not like to be pranked

I imagined pixies being made of wood and grass, jumping around and being very annoying, while the fairies are spirits who shape themselves as stuffed animals and protect children until they grow up.

Undead lovers

"True lovers are bound by soul, not by flesh"
I've been drawing many more romantic related things lately, I don't know why but I feel that conveying mixed feelings through my drawing is fascinating: I often end up drawing goofy characters, monster and weird stuff, so people often see me making illustrations to amuse or make them go "woa dude that's cool, I guess", but I received good feedback on different things.
I hope i am making any sense, lol, basically I decided to add more to my pieces of work: drawing for the sake of fun is fun, but I always try to convey a little bit more on each drawing, call it backstory, lore or whatever.

Do not forget to look at the small details, I always add small little things here and there :)



final piece