venerdì 14 novembre 2014

William tell us how to cook healthily

My card project consisted in creating something using four random cards i picked up. The cards are:

Character: medieval archer
Environment: running track
Show: cooking show
Artist: Michael Sowa

I came up with the idea of William Tell us how to cook healthily, a show for kids between 15 to 21 that teaches good healthy habits, both in cooking and in exercising.

The main character William Tell is a lunatic archer that after mastering the art of shooting apples decided to teach his fellow peasants how to live an healthy life.

Here you can see some expressions and the turn around

the show would feature various side characters that would interact with William, teaching the viewers various recipes from Europe, like the Mum, Donatella, is Italian and teaches Italian sweets while the brother, Tyrone O'Tell (secretly Robin Hood), British desserts.

Albert Gessler, the historic enemy of William Tell, is nothing but an old man that constantly asks William to leave his private property, but is ignored all the time.

The recurrent characters would be the four people in the background, every week doing a different exercise: the first one gets to eat the food William just prepared while the last one has to go through the apple shooting challenge, a recurring gag of the show, never violent, but always funny and wacky.

Mr Henry seemed to like my idea but suggested me to pick a more definite age range for the show: either for younger kids with less fat/narcoletic jokes and with absolutely no violence or for older kids with less interest for the cookery and more on the gags. Tough choice i presume.

I am a little concerned about my drawing style thou, i am supposed to draw like Michael Sowa but i hardly have the skills to paint like him. I tried basing all the side characters on painting he did and using the same color palette and backgrounds but according to the teacher it is not enough. Luckily, he liked the idea and characters so he said that i only have to put more work in the future animation test.

my try
michael sowa

Little to do now. I'll have to add a lot more though and work into the pitch bible. See you soon!


I've been working very hard for James Henry's pitches, but in the last two days i relaxed doing all the work for Revenant. This week we had to do some farm creatures, mostly dogs and cats: since most of the others drew normal dogs or wolves as creatures, i wanted to do something a little wacky, a black gooey pug. It is not very terrifying, but it is different and a little creepy. What else? a Jelly cat made of souls, a monkey/human/dalmatian demon and a scarecrow that flies around with crows.
All in a day's work

I got quite excited when they asked me to do some props for the crypt level, felt like they really liked my style (or they really need help [hopefully the first one]). Fun and cool to draw with detail things that i usually do not care much about. Finger crossed, maybe they'll ask for more.

And for last i designed other three human characters
Susan, the spoiled girl
Matthew, the dumb good looking meanie
and Eleanor, the giant rude daughter of the blacksmith

still experimenting big simple shapes to start with.

domenica 2 novembre 2014

More Revenant again

More creature design for Revenant: despite really enjoying doing these i am a little sad knowing that the game totally changed play style, from action/ platform game to puzzle solving one. I do not really endorse the idea but as a character designer, i'll keep doing my job with the very same passion. Some of these are a little rushed like the church grimm or the hunky punk, but i really enjoyed doing all of them. Gotta do some humans now, wish me luck