martedì 29 aprile 2014

Click it

Me and my buddy Rob Owen worked in this stop motion movie. The concept was simple and the idea cute (in my opinion). As always the execution isn't perfect, but from two students late for their assignment you can't expect perfection, still we managed (he mostly) to pull out a good story out of it.

I'd like to do more of this, but knowing how busy he always is, i don't want to interrupt Rob's workflow.

a dark story

I am not full satisfied with this shadow animation: i still like the idea and concept, but the execution left me bitter inside. I was very difficult to take pictures of the shadows in total darkness, while holding the paper in he right way. Definitely it is my fault for not organizing my workspace in the right way.

origami maker

The first experimental animation i did with my brother. He moved and changed the crane while i was filming and having amazing ideas: he is studying medicine and admitted that animation is fun and very satisfying.
I'll probably do this as my final year project, because i love origami.
Too bad i can't making any

E4 - Disco Madness by Jack & Mads

This animation was done by Mads Ogaard while i was the director: we had to think about an animation that represented the e4 channel, but then the teacher shocked us by switching our ideas with those of others. How evil. Mads ended up doing a great job thou. I am glad i had to work with him.


This is the stop motion movie we did for the cinema class. It is based on a game where at random questions are associated random answers. I worked on the story boards and as a cameraman (as well as charming actor and sexual deviant). It was tiring but definitely fun to do.

Credits are at the end of the video

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Commodo Manlio, the roaring general

Quick drawing I did mostly for fun. It is good to break out from school exercise every now and then! I m only disappointed a little bit by the shape and location of the sword: it was meant to be bigger and scarier. Thanks to this drawing i learned how to se the burn tool and the dodge tool, also i found out the motion blur on photoshop, which is very cool!

domenica 20 aprile 2014

My first commission! The dragon

My first commission!

An old friend from high school asked me for a drawing of a brown dragon with yellow eyes and large tail-wings, so here is what i did, step by step.

1) the sketch

2) Quick background

3) Defined background

4) Black shape of the main figure

5) Details added

6) First lighting, flames and clouds added

7) Various fixes in overlay and final lighting

8) Alternative version with comic filter

Hopefully she will appreciate the character. Oh well, finger crossed

sabato 19 aprile 2014

Producer Rob

This guy right here, Mr Rob Owen, is a friend and a champ. You wonder why? Sure! Even thou he never had an artistic education, he works very hard in his drawing skills, showing slow but constant improvement. Still, knowing his difficulties, he affined his abilities in everything of animation that does not require the use of a pencil, like post production and filming: he helped numerous students with their work despite his own free time, tight schedule and his terrible time management.


and he is a pretty cool guy too.

Thanks for all the help Rob

Hopefully you'll never read this

If you do, do not you dare to hug me, I swear

I made him this drawing to thank him. I know that isn't much, but it is sure better than just a pat on the back.
It represents most of his interests.

sabato 5 aprile 2014

The devil's advocate 2: time to pay

During spring break i wanted to draw something, SO I DREW SATAN IN A LAWYER OFFICE.
No offense, either you are a satanist or a lawyer.
I really had fun doing the secretary's clothes and the devil's muscles: as you can see i worked without outlines, and it sure made it much more complicated, also next time i have to use a black base for both characters, in this way they look more defined (it is just time or they do not very defined from the background? Jee, life is hard...)

The devil's advocate 2: time to pay
made on photoshop

please do not sue me :)

Skipping animation red riding hood

My skipping cycle: it sure took a long time, and at first i didn't know where to go and what to do! So much to take care this task we had no only to make a skipping motion, but also to design our character (so long cubeys and stickmen). I decided to stick to a good looking red riding hood for various reasons:
1) I enjoy women but i can't draw them properly
2) There is a lot of bouncing, which i need to learn
3) There is a lot of waving, which i need to learn too
4) I wanted to change and not making always something funny

Here are briefly the steps i took to achieve my final result:

Lines of motion

Line art

Cleaning and coloring

Final details

The cape isn't really perfect (it is quite a mess actually), i probably got lazy at the the future i will definitely add more details. Also i removed the background because it took too much attention from the main feature.
Sure it was fun thou