sabato 30 agosto 2014

The dark knight's night ignites

I wanted to experiment something new, not always showing full body in a static pose, this time i tried to add more drama with a main light. jee, i missed drawing :')

giovedì 28 agosto 2014

My suns!

Back on tracks, summer is basically over and i am lock and loaded, ready to draw at any time :)

I made a quick gif to show to my brother before i left, just for fun and jiggles.
I definitely forgot how animation was fun! My computer crashed all of the sudden and i had to re do it all of it, because i totally forgot to save it! 5 hours instead of 3. My dad would call this experience, i call it bad luck.

Also do not forget that i am open for commissions!
three slots available.
Check the chart if you want
cheers! and enjoy the gif

Pray the suns!


My commission chart. I struggled to put this together, mostly because of the summer heat. Ahahah! it only took me something like 10 days to make it but...oh well...

I'll soon post it on most of the art site i usually browse.

Three slots available at the moment. Finger crossed :)

thanks to leo and katie for the heads up.