sabato 25 aprile 2015

Keep the canvas the same

Well I tried fiddling with my canvas size and I definitely made it too big. This simple pic came out 1 gigabyte and a half. SICK

I drew this vampire chick in my free time. Drawing assets of a glass man for 4 hours can be ... umh

giovedì 23 aprile 2015


So for my last James Henry upload (for now) I have done more Runepaw and West Family.

For the Runepaw, I did more creatures they might stumble upon, mostly fishes since they are always sailing around, and most of them aren't mean at all, just very dumb, curious or lonely (:'( )
The two main "big" land animals are the cat and dog which I drew taking inspiration from nordic mithology. The cat is the incarnation of evil and the dog is the hero.

The ships are based on viking's equipment and the figure head is a cat rather than a dragon.

The environment can be pretty repetitive in the nordic sea, no offense for any scandinavian person, it's pretty much water and icebergs, so I added some weird unique things in the background that always breaks with the normality of the landscape.

Restaurant is a pot with a big cheese as a door

Lots of ships wrecked

For the West Family I did some sp00ky monsters, taking inspiration from real ones. I know it is for kids but I wanted to make them look slightly scary, similar to those in Courage the coward dog.

Then time for some character development, mainly the three protagonists

Aaaaand an anime version, of course

venerdì 17 aprile 2015

Smokey beast in the abyss

I was getting pretty bored of doing just stuff for University so I took 1 hour off and I drew this
and boy I like it!
In terms of design there is not much going on, but I really wanted to do something dynamic! I had to do few things but well done. I'll try doing more concepts like this one, with few colors but with a strong contrast.

Looking forward to do more :)

I used various color layers in overlay at the end to change the atmosphere a little bit.





So Leo suggested me that I should take some drawing I did on my sketchbook and render them on photoshop.
I though that it was MADNESS and i struggled a lot. Yet after leaving half the drawing resting for a couple of months i finished it in half an hour and had a lot of fun!

Here is the process

Sketchbook: I wanted to try to make an heroine less sexualised than usual.

Photoshop render: It s hard to make something you already did without any guidelines. You know, after you brush for a while the drawing at the base is completely gone, soo...yea

Portrait: I have no clue why I wanted to do this

venerdì 3 aprile 2015

More James Henry stuff

Seemed like Mr James Henry really liked my work. I did some more and I'm getting the hang of the new style, not that is that different from my usual one AYY LMAO
This week I focused mostly on environment of the "West country" idea, basing a lot on the city of Falmouth and Penryn.

These are some color concepts. It is almost never sunny thou (sorry but it is true)

The main house built next to a cliff

The studio in the tower

Various city shots

Chased by the beast of Bodmin or Badminton

Wow pieces

I also colored and fixed the characters from Runepaw

I'll do more monsters and creatures for next weeks. Oh yea