venerdì 19 dicembre 2014


I haven't done something for myself in a long time. I am a little rusty...this is supposed to be a self portrait, but no...I am not that cool. The only true thing about it is that I need an hair cut.

giovedì 18 dicembre 2014


Just as i though the style of my pitch bible was too different from the one of Michael Sowa, so here I am, ready to re do all the things i did before. Ah what a silly sausage i am!

I tried a new style without sketching lines in it, only paint strokes: this is the one i will probably use at the end, i just need to figure out how to change all the other characters.

The pic on the left is by Michael Sowa (obviously) and the right one is by me.

sabato 13 dicembre 2014

Claws of concern

I really enjoy drawing animals, so i decided to do some character design for the third year animation Claws of Concern, a very cool stylish animation. I had to draw a bear, a salmon and a whale, and i really liked it.

the protagonist, the bear

The salmon, all in its majesty

The whale, saviour of the other two

Also i started doing backgrounds for Long way down, another funny animation of the third years.

Yup, that it. A skyscraper...

Life drawing second year

This is the first batch of life drawings I did the first part of the year. I hope i am improving, but i still find hard to draw right all the time. I could say I haven't found my technique yet...sometimes I really enjoy the sessions, like the one with ink (GOSH I REALLY LIKE INK AND BRUSHES) other times I struggle so  hard i can't enjoy at all. So far portraits are my favorite, and i still have some issues with proportions: drawing big is quite complicated but I bet it helps big time.

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

11 seconds club Smooth Talk

So this was my entry for the 11 second club of November 2014

My first try with TVpaint: a bit tricky at first, still some things makes no sense, but thanks to the help of Billy Allison I managed to get it done.
Thanks mr Billy, you are an amazing teacher and guy!


Fixing the parts that i acted out and didn't work was much more complicated and time consuming than actually animating the whole thing. Bly me, next time i'll just rough it out perfectly first and then do the rest.

I kind of hate animating...(just kidding) but I really enjoyed the outcome. Looking forward to do more, especially stuff for me.

Everybody have a good night!

Especially you, Mr Barry. I know you are watching.