sabato 21 marzo 2015

James Henry

So, in my honest opinion Ryan Gosling is quite charming, looks like the type of guy you wish your daughter would date.

Anyway, the other day the writer James Henry came over and we pitched to him our character ideas, I did all the three we had and I am afraid I bored him a little...Mmmm I hope he liked them, but I am always quite pessimistic about my work.

Idea 1: The West family: a paranormal show for kids with a mom writer, one small kid, one girl and three spooky ghosts.

The boy (a little weird kid) and the sister

The mum and the three ghosts

the character are built like toys, here are some examples.

Concept for the house

Idea 2: Runepaw: children tv shows with viking mice!



Idea 3: Opal the dwarf princess: mundane fantasy world with a dwarf princess and a dark wizard

Palette challenge 1

I haven't had much time for myself lately, I have been quite tired and demotivated, especially when it came to drawing stuff of mine.
End of the story
the other day I imposed myself to start a palette challenge: I found 50 different combinations of 5 colors and with all of them I'll do a small drawing. It's fun and I feel like it helps a lot in improving my painting skills. Here are some of them!

Goo Dragon

Pink mage

Samurai kitsune

Poppy parrot

Purple bust

giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Restorative Justice

Last month we have been introduced to the restorative justice concept.
It constist in having the victim and the perpetrator of the crime discuss with each other about the criminal act that involved the two of them, and they try to sort things out. It often ends up helping the victim a lot, which is great! At the moment it done and known only in northern Ireland and Uk, but it will hopefully spread out all over Europe ( and the world!)
I probably did not explained it very well, so you might want to check their website to know more about it.

So we have to make an animation about it, so here it is! I pitched the idea of a person made of glass, scared of everything after the accident, and the perpetrator who is "corrupted" but all the anger and hate that surrounds him. Through talking the two people ending up "healing" each others. 

Here is the early design of the characters. I am now currently working in a group of people who ACTUALLY wanted to work with me,and liked the idea, which is great! 

I will soon upload more! Wish me luck!