martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Over the break

New years eve is over, I am done eating an insane amount of food, ready to go back working on my animation. I haven't being able to accomplish much home, mostly because I was too busy write that cursed dissertation. Took a long time but I managed to get it done today.

Well anyway, I still managed to get some backgrounds done for Falling in Love and I am dealing with some color issues: I want the character to blend in but to stand out at the same is an oxymoron but I know what I am doing, ahahah! Or at least I think i do. All my crew member are working on it as well, so hopefully someone will take us out this sticky situation.

My color test, Salomone blends a little too much

In the free time I have been doing some more drawing on Photoshop, I am trying to do different things and different poses. As usual I keep having issues with colors, Don't know if it is the saturation, the shading or the color themselves.


I managed to scan some of my latest drawing, since I am done with my old sketchbook, I'll practice by coloring them in my free time.

Here are some examples


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