domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Cleaning is an hell of an awful job

I apologise for haven't posted anything in ages.
I have been quite busy (as usual) doing clean ups for my animation, Falling in Love. As some of you know, clean up consists in taking the keys the animator assigned did and re trace them with a cleaner line. Lots of animators are working at the moment which is great, but the only draw back is that not everyone is super neat in their line art or character proportions, so it is often up to me to fix the final animation, which is painfully tedious.

Both animations have been done by Sophie Rippington
Clean ups by me

On a side note I started working towards my future: together with two friends of mine we are starting a business next year, and hopefull we will be making videogames. It is still far from reality, but we are getting closer with finding the initial fundings and help from experts. We pinned down the kind of game we want to do and I am currently working on the art, while Ben Goldman is taking care of most of the producing and Aaron Donlon is starting some 3d.

It is exciting and scary at the same time, thinking this might be the first step of my future.

I can't post all the things I have been done, but boy it is fun :3

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